YUN Men’s Natural Pure 100% Wool Warm Boot Winter Socks Traditional Cream (3-Pairs)

June 18, 20195min

Price: $18.95
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Made from pure lambswool. These are very soft and comfortable. They wick perspiration to keep your feet cool in warm weather. Then they keep you very warm in even on the coldest winter days. Natural wool is also amazing at preventing foot odor. If you’ve been struggling with cotton blend socks that feel uncomfortable and sometimes smell like a gym, these socks will be your answer. They are perfect for everything from work boots to hiking boots to dress shoes and athletic shoes.


Most popular medium weight sock. This is pure natural wool carefully woven to give you an amazingly comfortable sock. Some people wear these to fight athlete’s foot and other ailments, and it works! You are going to love the way your feet feel.

100% money back guarantee ensures this will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase. Simply return unworn. Many people are stocking up with several 3 or 6 pair packs so they have YUN wool socks for every day of the week. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have this popular sock in plentiful supply. This makes a fine birthday gift, holiday present, or anniversary gift for any man who enjoys exceptional foot comfort!


✅ Seamless toes. Prevent friction, bunching and pressure on the skin which can lead to blisters or skin ulcers.
✅ Made from 100% Lambswool. Feels soft and smooth, reduces scratches and shears on the skin.
✅ Keep feet warm to improve blood circulation and wicks away moisture to prevent infection and odor.
✅ Durable and easy to clean. Becomes softer after each wash.
✅ Functional and traditional. Choose our 3 pair pack or 6 pair pack.
✅ Fit for shoe size 6-12 US (40-44 for EU).

SO WHY WAIT? CHOOSE US TODAY!CLASSIC NATURAL LAMBSWOOL SOCKS imported using the very finest natural wool and weaving technology. These are favorite medium thickness and very breathable. Enjoy our most popular color in 3 or 6 pair packs.
GET A PERFECT FIT with these beautifully designed and well constructed crew length mid-calf premium socks for men. Don’t be surprised if they become your everyday socks you don’t want to be without.
PERFECT FOR HIKING, walking, running, working out. The natural wool keeps your feet from perspiring and prevents foot odor. Wear them with all your shoes from work boots to sneakers and dress shoes. They go with everything.
STRONGER AND SOFTER thanks to the natural qualities of premium wool fibers. No wonder this has been the favorite material for men’s socks for centuries. Notice the soft caressing feel of natural lambswool. They wick out the moisture to keep your feet cool when working out or on warm afternoons.
SEAMLESS & NO-ITCH. No need to struggle getting the seam placed just right in your shoe, these are seamless. They do not itch and have no harmful or harsh ingredients. Simply 100% real natural wool. Fits for Shoe Size 6-12 US (40-44 for EU).

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