‘View’ Wails ‘No Justice,’ ‘Democracy at Stake’ if Bolton Doesn’t Testify

The hosts of The View spent time Tuesday complaining that our democracy was at stake because the Republicans were conducting an unjust and even racist, trial in the Senate. Co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin fretted that justice wouldn’t be served because Republicans wouldn’t allow “smoking gun” witness John Bolton, to testify and seal the case against Trump.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg wondered if the Bidens could be called forward as witnesses in a scenario where John Bolton was allowed to testify as well. Sunny Hostin immediately dismissed the notion that the Bidens were in any way, relevant:

“It’s just a deflection. I mean, it’s just a distraction. I mean Hunter Biden is not a material witness to this — to this trial….Hunter and Biden and Joe Biden had nothing to do with it,” she said, before complaining that yesterday’s arguments from Trump’s attorneys were all over the place and she couldn’t “follow.” She complained about references to President Obama, before singling out a reference to the New York Times’ 1619 project as a sign of Trump’s racist base:

That was just a dog whistle to, you know, a — a racist dog whistle quite frankly to the base. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t think it was effective at all,” she scolded.

As she’s done the past few days, co-host Meghan McCain reminded her peers that not everyone thinks like them and this process is not “uniting the country against Trump,” as her co-hosts have claimed in the past. To back up her analysis, McCain touted a recent FiveThirtyEight poll showing a slight majority of Americans say this impeachment process is a waste of Congress’s time.

But Behar was still distraught, claiming we needed for more Democrat witnesses like Bolton, or there was “no justice in the world”:

In a just world, this business with Bolton would be the smoking gun. You know, this is it. He was a direct witness to the conversation about the Ukraine, and it would be the smoking gun, but because Mitch Mcconnell is in charge, there is no justice in the world, and no matter what they do, no matter how many witnesses they bring, these people will still say like Dershowitz said, it’s not impeachable. Suddenly changes his mind about what’s impeachable. They’re all in the bag for Trump!

Behar has claimed so many things would be the “smoking gun” to get Trump out of office, it’s hard to keep track. Going back through the NewsBusters archive, it’s almost comical to see how many different times Behar claimed she found the “smoking gun,” from Stormy Daniels to Russia, to the Mueller Report and now finally the Ukrainian phone call.

Sunny Hostin ended the segment on another note of desperation:

“I do believe that the House managers made an extremely effective case for conviction and for removal, and what’s surprising to me is that every American doesn’t think that our very democracy is at stake here,” she fretted.


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