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Unredacted OMB Emails Show White House Ukraine Crime Spree

Unredacted emails revealed that the White House lied to Congress and tried to hide the Pentagon’s concerns about the hold placed on aid to Ukraine.

Just Security got the unredacted emails and reported:

They confirm that OMB, including the general counsel’s office, was fully in the loop about the Pentagon’s concerns and took active steps to bury them. They also expose the extent to which OMB misled, and even lied to, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a congressional investigative body, as the GAO tried to understand the circumstances surrounding the funding hold.

To this day, and through these redacted documents, OMB is continuing its efforts to keep its knowledge of the Pentagon’s legal worries a secret, blacking out the portions of the emails where DoD officials voiced their concerns and where OMB staffers acknowledged them.

The OMB is a part of the White House. From other testimony during the impeachment process, it is known that Trump was directing his Chief of Staff/OMB Director Mick Mulvaney on the Ukraine hold.

The emails reveal that the White House was directing an operation to lie to Congress and hide the concerns of the Pentagon about the illegal hold the president placed on aid to Ukraine.

The documents are more proof that Trump and the White House were directing the scheme and trying to keep the public in the dark about their criminal activities.

Trump was behind it all, and Senate Republicans are going to a face a reckoning in November for acquitting a criminal administration.

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