Trump supporters scream at Telemundo reporter during live broadcast from Maricopa ballot center

Video from protests outside Maricopa County, Arizona’s ballot tabulation center shows Trump supporters screaming, without face masks, in close proximity to a Telemundo reporter as she tried to report live. 

Local ABC15 Arizona reporter Zach Crenshaw tweeted video and photos from the tense scene Friday night, the third night protesters have gathered at the tabulation center as the presidential election votes continue to get counted.

AP and Fox News projected Democratic nominee Joe BidenJoe BidenBiden pulls ahead of Trump in Georgia Biden takes lead in Georgia, makes gains in Pennsylvania Gore: This election is ‘completely different’ than 2000 MORE as the winner of the state, but as mail-in votes are counted, Biden’s lead has narrowed. Trump supporters have been closely watching the race and have been gathering outside ballot-counting centers to observe amid unfounded allegations by the president that there is widespread fraud.

Videos from Friday night show Telemundo reporter Maria Paula Ochoa being screamed at by Trump supporters who chant allegations about Biden. When a security guard attempts to intervene, the Trump supporters scream, “assault” and call for the police. 

One of the men repeats, “This pussy’s assaulting people. This pussy’s assaulting people,” just feet from Ochoa as she is still trying to deliver her broadcast.

When the broadcast cuts back to the studio, the anchors look concerned at what they’d just seen.


Ochoa responded on Twitter as people offered her support after the incident. She also tweeted that Telemundo reports honestly, fairly and accurately, saying after the incident she is proud of her team. 

In a later segment, Ochoa also spoke about the harassment and discussed the situation. 

The on-air interruption was just one of many heated moments from protests Friday. Photos showed some supporters were armed. Other videos showed InfoWars founder Alex Jones leading marches and chants, including one in which he said “The Bidens are Communist Chinese agents.”

Another video showed Jones and supporters saying to Trump, “Don’t concede.”

Ballots counted Friday showed Biden’s lead in Arizona has shrunk to about 30,000 votes, but prognosticators are doubtful Trump can make up enough ground there to take the state.

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