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Trump supporters left in cold for hours after Omaha rally; Biden weighs in with criticism | Politics & Government

Busskohl said he didn’t blame local officials or the Trump campaign, which hired Arrow for the event.

“I think everybody worked hard,” he said.

Two Omaha Metro buses also helped transport people from the rally.

Sometime around 10 p.m., Omaha police made a request for buses because about 500 people were unable to walk from the rally site to their vehicles, said Lauren Cencic, executive director of Metro transit.

Cencic said it’s common for Metro to provide transportation when there are public safety concerns, including freezing weather.

Tuesday’s service cost Metro about $250, Cencic said. 

Omahan Jason Heard said he got to the rally site at 4:45 p.m. His bus driver told him that by that point, 8,000 people had been bused over.

After the rally, Heard said, he could see it was “going to take forever” to get on a bus, so he decided to walk. It took him an hour and a half to go what he estimated was four miles. His cousin, who took a bus back, arrived about 30 minutes later.

“To me, it was more like people just leaving a concert and heading back to their cars,” he said. “Anybody that was shocked by what happened at the end of the night wasn’t really paying attention.”

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