This Online Community Is Collecting ‘Starter Pack’ Memes, And Here Are 171 Of The Best Ones

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Some memes, just like songs or movies, get old quickly. I mean, when’s the last time you saw Bad Luck Brian? Or Salt Bae? Others, however, appear to be timeless—whether they have the ability to capture some universal truth or corporate PR departments are still using them on social media in an attempt to keep their brands relevant because they are too lazy to find new ones, a select few memes just keep popping up on the Internet.

Like the Starter pack. It’s a series of multi-panel photo sets meant to illustrate the archetype of a person, company, or pretty much everything you can imagine through a recommended selection of fashion articles, multimedia, and other consumer products. It’s a lot similar to the so-called steal her look fashion guides.

Probably nothing validates this meme’s relevance more than a subreddit, dedicated to collecting its best variations. Created at the end of 2014, r/Starterpacks is an online community that has already grown to 1.8 million members, and it looks like it’s only going to continue to get bigger. Continue scrolling and check out why.