Top 5 Reasons to Submit Posts to the Monkey!

Here are some significant reasons why it is beneficial for you to submit posts to

Communicate more clearly . When you write a post to, unlike when you speak, you look for more sophisticated words and expressions to describe what is in your head. That helps you build a foundation that will allow you to express yourself better and communicate complex ideas much more effectively.

Eliminate stress . Writing to may help eliminate the stress of having a lot of things hanging around your head. Developing your ideas in writing produces an amplified effect since, not only do you get the idea of ​​your head, but a whole process of rationalization that would otherwise be left in there in an abstract form.

Be more productive . Writing to the Monkey helps activate the neurons in your brain and leaves you ready to undertake other tasks (you can use it as a kind of “warm-up” at the beginning of the day). Also, writing your tasks with the right words predisposes you to execute them correctly. And finally, it has been shown that defining your goals in writing considerably increases the chances of achieving them.

Learn more . Writing the information you receive in your own words helps you assimilate and consolidate knowledge that you would otherwise soon forget.

Gain awareness of your reality . If you write down what goes through your head every day, what you hope to achieve and how you feel about it, you will not need to go to the psychologist to explain who you are. You will find out for yourself.




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1. Is there a cost to post?
Yes there is a $5 cost per post.

2. Can I get a refund?
Only if there is a purchase mistake on our end, absolutely!

3. How long are posts live for? removes old post past 3 to 4 months at a time. Your submission will last just over 90 days!

4. Can I edit the post once I submit?
No this is a one time submission. If you need to make any significant updates like link changes, simply email us and we will make changes for you.

5. How many views/hits can I expect?
This all depends on how clever, current. and unique your post is. Posts on range from 12 hits to 15,000 hits per post. Keep in mind that all traffic is 100% organic! Our sources come from all global search engines including google, Bing, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and more! currently gets over 80K organic, unique visitors Monthly from all over the world, and increasing!

6. How do I submit a post?
To submit a post, simply click the “submit a post” link on our site.
After, complete email & payment obligations and your post will be live within 24hrs!