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Royal Bingo Supplies Bingo Set for Kids Adults Seniors – Deluxe Set – 50 Cards 300 Chips 75 Balls, Roller Cage & Board

Royal Bingo Supplies Bingo Set for Kids Adults Seniors – Deluxe Set – 50 Cards 300 Chips 75 Balls, Roller Cage & Board

Price: $24.99
(as of Mar 27, 2023 09:15:17 UTC – Details)

Product Description



More Pieces. More Players. More Bingo.

This deluxe Bingo Game is ideal for larger parties and groups, offering more playing pieces than most sets. Each luxury set comes with 50 Bingo cards, 300 Bingo chips, a Bingo board, a metal cage, 75 colorful plastic balls and instructions for different Bingo game variations. The Bingo board is made from two sturdy plastic pieces that hook together at the top and bottom. Each board measures 13 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. The boards hold a combined total of 60 plastic balls, each measuring 0.33 inches in diameter.


Why You’ll Love It:

Our superior quality, metal Bingo cage is simple to use. Just give it a spin and watch as the balls roll down the metal slot for number callouts. The cage is 6″ tall, including the base. The Bingo cards are made from heavy cardboard, measuring 4.88″ x 5.25″, making them highly durable and easy to read. You can use and reuse the cards after each game. Our set packs 300 multi-color Bingo chips to go alongside the 50 cards, while most Bingo sets rely on cheap fold-over numbers.


Includes Bingo Boards, Balls, and Cage!

There are 50 blue Bingo cards included in each set, along with 300 multi-color Bingo chips, enough for 12-15 players to play.

For BIG Bingo Groups!

Use the 300 Bingo chips, purchase more chips, or use anything for extra pieces, and you’re ready to host a massive 50 player Bingo game.

Easy to Read

The brightly-colored Bingo balls feature jumbo-sized numbering for easy reading. There are 15 balls of each red, blue, green, yellow, and white, 75 balls in total. It’s becoming a prize possession of many Bingo enthusiasts and board gamers alike.

EVERYTHING You Need for Bingo Night Enough Cards for 50 Players 300 Multi-Color Chips 75 Total Bingo Balls in 5 Colors!

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The King of Bingo!

From bingo markers to entire bingo game sets, Royal Bingo Supplies covers all needs related to playing bingo from full sets with cages, to even replacement balls and counters in case you’re running low. Royal Bingo Supplies believes that the game of bingo brings friends and Families together. When you buy a product from Royal Bingo Supplies, you can always count on a quality item that will enhance any bingo playing experience!

What’s Included: Our Deluxe Bingo Set includes a medium size 5 inch quality metal cage, 75 colorful 7/8″ Bingo balls, 50 cardstock Bingo cards, 1 hardy plastic masterboard, and 300 assorted Bingo chips. Cards measure about 4.9″ by 5.25″
More Pieces, More Players, More Bingo: Our Deluxe Bingo game set is great for larger parties, groups, or experienced players playing multiple cards at once. We include a total of 50 Bingo cards and 300 Bingo chips
Pedal To The Metal: Our metal Bingo cage is superior to plastic cages. It spins smoothly and won’t crack with use. And, instead of flimsy paper our Bingo Cards are printed on reusable card stock
Easy Reading: Our colorful Bingo Balls have a proprietary clear coating that competitors don’t, which prevents the letters and numbers printed on from rubbing off over time
Why You’ll Love It: Because it suits so many players, our Deluxe Bingo Set is perfect for community centers, school classrooms, retirement homes, firehalls, family games for Christmas, game night, anywhere a game of Bingo is sure to get started