Retiring Lamar Alexander just had his chance to stand up for democracy. He failed

Lamar Alexander embarrasses himself on the way out.

Retiring Sen. Lamar Alexander is pretty much second only to Susan Collins when he pretends to be very concerned and very principled. You’d think now that he’s retiring and won’t have to ever worry about being reelected, he’d finally just blast Donald Trump for his coup attempts and his fellow Republicans for enabling them. Clearly, you don’t know Lamar.

“If there’s any chance whatsoever that Joe Biden will be the next president.” What a start there, Lamar. “I believe the Trump administration ought to provide the Biden administration with all the transition materials and sources and meetings necessary so we have a smooth transition so both sides are ready on day one,” Alexander says. How very big of him.

Meanwhile, this isn’t just about “recounting votes and resolving disputes,” and this was not a “close election,” and he can’t even name Donald Trump as the loser, much less face the fact that that loser is trying to pull off a coup. The most irritating thing in all of this might just be that he’s making Mitt Romney look like some kind of goddamned giant of integrity or something. 

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