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Quick Booty Workout (no squats, no jumps)

Quick Booty Workout (no squats, no jumps)

Glutes are powerhouses. They don’t just make jeans and shorts look good, they also help athletic performance at every level. Strong glutes make you faster, stronger and capable of delivering more explosive power to virtually every movement. This is a workout that delivers on all these promises. legs muscles, round, exercise, how to get, home workout, no equipment, sport, lose weight, glute bridge, intense, fat burner, thighs, cellulite, no weight, bodyweight, lower body, build booty.

0:00 resistance band clam
1:09 resistance band lying leg raise
2:19 Resistance Band One Leg Kickback
3:29 Resistance Band Leg Curl
4:37 Hip Thrusts on Knees
5:21 Resistance Band Hip Thrust

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