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pretty boy? but not a boy but also not a girl??

H3LL0 !!

ヾ(◍´▿`◍)ノ゙ AB0UT ME

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——☆ you’re just as pretty as a boy, even if you don’t identify as a boy, you still look like a pretty boy but you also don’t look too feminine either, you look like a mix of a pretty boy and a pretty girl, you have the qualities of a boy and a girl you can easily be mistaken as a boy, but you also could easily be mistaken as a girl do you have the ability to change how frequently your masculinity and femininity changes or you could just rock both and be androgynous. Your body is so slim, but not too slim where it shows curve you just have the perfect androgynous and body not to slim, but not too curvy either, just in the middle. your fingers are so slim so skinny even your hands are just as androgynous as you people always question what gender you are, you are literally the embodiment of an androgynous person.

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