Premium Automatic Soap Dispenser Foaming Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser,350ml/12oz Waterproof Motion Sensor Dispenser Black, Battery Operated Hand-Free Touchless Foaming Dispenser

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Product Description

black foaming soap dispenserblack foaming soap dispenser

FESMEY Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser-Ideal for The Whole Family

Whether your hands are big or little, our foaming soap dispenser allows each family member to get the right amount of soap.The foaming soap dispenser provides a playful touch and the sensor foam soap dispenser gives you the right amount of soap every time.

To promote our lives, A touchless hand soap dispenser is the optimal choice,A solid pick is the Fesmey Automatic Soap Dispenser. Its infrared sensor detects a hand from as far away as 2.75 inches. Foam Soap Dispenser with smart motion infra-red sensor, just 0.25s, it dispense foam instantly.The foaming touchless soap dispenser can be placed on a countertop . the countertop soap dispenser is very convenient ,good looking Bathroom Countertop Soap Dispensers.

foaming soap dispenser touchlessfoaming soap dispenser touchless

Automatic Foam Dispenser

foaming soap dispenser touchlessfoaming soap dispenser touchless

Electrical Soap Dispenser for Foaming Soap

You can use either specially formulated “Foaming Hand Soap” designed for this type of soap dispenser (readily available online and in most supermarkets/grocery stores) or use regular liquid hand soap that has been diluted with water about 1:4.

If the hand soap is too thick, it is suggested to dilute it with 6-8 times water for the better results.

Material: ABS Plastic

Capacity: 500ml

45 degree design nozzle

Input Power: 4 AAA batteries (not included)

FESMEY Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser Keep Life More Better

Bathroom Countertop Soap Dispensers Automatic

Automatic Soap Dispenser Features:

Automatic foam soap dispenser is completely TOUCH FREE design.Foaming soap dispenser is is widely used in the bathroom, kitchen, office, school, hospital, hotel, and restaurant.The touch free soap dispenser with friendly 45 ° outlet design prevents foam sticking to the wall.Unique visual window: auto foaming soap dispenser with the design of transparent visual window allows you to check the remaining amount of soap at any time and refill the soap in time.






foaming soap dispenserfoaming soap dispenser

How to Use The Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser ?

foaming touchless soap dispenserfoaming touchless soap dispenser

User Guide for Foaming Soap Dispenser:

Twist the upper part counterclockwise to remove it.Install 4*AAA batteries ( not included)Fill with brands liquids soap Tap the power button once to turn on

One-touch to turn it on and LED indicates white.

One-touch again to turn it off, LED indicates yellow.

If the yellow light flashes 4 times continuously, it means the batteries need to be changed or battery electrode is wrong.


Remove the batteries to avoid moisture and short circuit if not use it for a long time.Use only fresh new foam hand soap and clean the soap container properly before each re-fill. Deposits of old soap will lead to malfunction and jamming.DON’T immerse the soap dispenser (battery part) in water or clean it under running water, this will lead to short circuit.DON’T insert the new and old batteries into the battery compartment at the same time, this will reduce battery life.DON’T tilt the soap bottle and invert the dispenser when installing or replacing hand sanitizer.

Hand Free Soap Dispenser: Compare to regular soap dispenser, FESMEY automatic foaming soap dispenser provides more convenient for getting rich foam directly without touch hand soap or press soap pump. One-touch to turn it on and LED indicates white,One-touch again to turn it off, LED indicates yellow.the hand-free touchless foaming dispenser is a nicely styled, basic foaming automatic soap dispenser that works quite well.good looking decorative automatic countertop foam soap dispenser.
Montion Sensor Dispenser: Fesmey black automatic foam soap dispenser with pretty soap dispenser automatic infrared sensor detection technology, automatic foaming soap dispenser is more sensitive you can get the hands free dense foam soap in 0.2 seconds. Compared with liquid soap dispenser, black foaming soap dispenser creates the most effect on condition that it saves more time and water, offering you with premium and elegant hand-washing experience by FESMEY foaming touchless hand dispenser.
Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser: hand-free touchless foaming soap dispenser suitable for various brands of foam soap,You can use either specially formulated “Foaming Hand Soap” designed for this automatic soap dispenser touchless or or use regular liquid hand soap that has been diluted with water about 1:3-1:8.If the hand soap is too thick, it is suggested to dilute it with 6-8 times water for the better results. touchless battery operated foaming soap dispenser for kitchen.
Bathroom Countertop Soap Dispensers:This auto foaming soap dispenser would help to avoid cross infection, the black automatic foam soap dispenser will release hand lotion automatically when the sensor detects your hands. Perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, office,school,coffee bar, hotel. Also with Non-slip design, more stable, can put on countertop. it is electrical soap dispenser for foaming soap.decorative automatic countertop foam soap dispenser
Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser Waterproof:The capacity of foaming touchless hand soap dispenser is 350ml/12oz, it can be used for at least 3 months for a family of three (3 times/day). So there is no need to refill the dispenser frequently. battery operated automatic foaming soap dispenser features a easy-to-use operation that will only be activated when needed.Moreover, this plastic foaming soap dispenser lets you see the soap from the visible window so you know when to refill it again.