Opti-Clean provides a safe, powerful waterless spray cleaning wash that is safe for any exterior vehicle surface: paint, clear coat, chrome, rubber, vinyl, plastic and glass.

Soy-based polymers combined with strong lubricants and release surface debris to prevent abrasion for easy removal with a micro fiber or cotton towel
Dries clear and non-sticky with a gloss agent for shine and protectant that leaves a slick surface to help repel dirt and road grime; Makes follow up cleanings easier too
Conserves water with no wash or rinse water required. Contains no harmful surfactants, cleaning agents or VOCs. Ideal for areas with water restrictions; Great for anyone living in an apartment or condo with no access to water for car washing
Clean and shine your vehicle anywhere in minutes
Same proven polymer system as Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine in an easy to use anywhere spray formula

Price: $17.59 - $16.00
(as of Nov 09,2019 15:13:56 UTC – Details)