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Nicole Lynn Becomes 1st Black Woman Agent Represing NFL QB

Nicole Lynn is making history as the first Black woman agent to represent an NFL quarterback in the Super Bowl!

Nicole Lynn Represents Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts

According to AfroTech, the NFL agent and attorney represents Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. Hurts, and his team, are gearing up to face the Kansas City Chiefs, and their quarterback Patrick Mahomes II, at Super Bowl LVII on February 12.

How Lynn And Hurts Inked Their Partnership

Lynn inked her partnership with Hurts by being fearless enough to send the football player a message on Instagram. At the time, Hurts had just played his final collegiate football game in Oklahoma and was preparing to be drafted into the league.

Hey, have you picked an agent? If not, I’d love to link.

In conversation with Sports Illustrated, Lynn described the moment as a “total Hail Mary.”

I didn’t expect him to even see it.

Additionally, Lynn recalled the “synergy” between her and Hurts’ stories — she attended the University of Oklahoma College of Law. And her husband played football for the University of Oklahoma years before Hurts embarked on his collegiate career there.

The football player was in the process of finding an agent when he opened Lynn’s message.

I wanted to hear her out.

Hurts who dealt with doubters throughout his career saw the same fire and ability to persevere in Lynn upon meeting her.

That turns me up. It lights a fire in me. It does something to me, because I know I’ll prove you wrong. But I saw that same fire in Nicole. She said, ‘I’m a woman. People are going to overlook me. People are going to doubt me. They’re not going to give me the due respect. But I’m overcoming it, just like you do.’ And that’s where we really hit it off. We had the same vision.

He explained to Sports Illustrated that he was impressed with Lynn’s unrelentless drive and determination.

I know the agent world in the NFL, and all sports, is very male-dominated. But Nicole was really on top of her stuff. She was prepared. She knew what she was talking about. She was hungry. And she was determined. And I feel that determination like that never rests. Once you come across such a determined individual, that just hits me a little different.

Lynn’s Additional Accolades And Accomplishments

In addition to becoming the first Black woman to represent a quarterback in the Super Bowl, Lynn is also the first female agent to represent the NFL agency PlayersRep. According to AfroTech, the sports management company was later acquired by Lil Wayne’s Young Money APAA Sports Agency, in 2015.

But the list of accomplishments doesn’t end there. Lynn is also the “first Black woman in league history to represent a top-three draft pick” with her client Quinnen Williams. In 2019, the New York Jets selected Williams as their “third overall pick that year,” as reported by Insider.

Lynn signed her first client at just 26 years old. And continues to represent “more than a dozen NFL athletes” today. The 34-year-old recently joined Klutch Sports Group and is expected to bring her “extensive portfolio of clients” along with her.

It’s safe to say Lynn will continue to blaze trials in the NFL world, proving that she’s not slowing down any time soon.

Any time someone thinks of an agent, they’re gonna think of me. The first person that’s gonna come to their mind is a Black woman. I’m the Jerry Maguire — that is who I am.

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