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“NATE” by the Tree Workout

“NATE” by the Tree Workout

This is a CrossFit Hero Workout from a while back called “NATE.” It is an AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible) in 20 minutes of: 2 X Ring Muscle-Ups, 4 X Handstand Push-Ups, and 8 X Kettlebell Swings at 2 Poods (or about 70 pounds). Since I was on the road and only had my 45lb Kettlebell with me, I had to substitute it for the proper weight.

I did this workout on the 29th of May 2022 during my Kamloops adventure. In fact, as of this publishing I’m still on the adventure! I just had a brief moment to come home in the middle of things which allowed me to do the editing and production for this video. So this is just a sneak peak of a bunch of great videos to come. But you’ll have to wait till October to see them, when I’m back home for good.

I found this great tree at the airport which served as a platform for my rings (although it took some doing to get them up there without a ladder) and to lean against for Handstand Push-Ups (although the tree was quite uneven so I had to lean wayyy over to get into a handstand.) You’ll see that I took my time during the workout because Muscle-Ups and Handstand Push-Ups are bad lifts to take to failure.

It was a beautiful late spring windy morning in Kamloops. The birds were all about, as were a few curious onlookers.

Remember, if there’s madness all around and you don’t know what to do…JUST LIFT BRO’!

– Skid

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