Motus Edge Premium Massage Ball – Double Round, Spiky Texture for Deep Tissue Massage, Sore Muscles, Rehab, Therapy, Myofascial Release, Plantar Fasciitis, Includes FREE Carry Bag and Instructions

December 21, 20186min

Price: $24.95
(as of Dec 21,2018 04:11:58 UTC – Details)

Our highly durable, easy to clean dual massage ball comes with its own storage bag. It’s extremely resilient and easy to use anywhere, anytime. You’ll find that our dual ball can find areas in your body that a single ball cant. With our design, the dual ball is great for avoiding bony prominences and areas where pressure from a ball is just too much. Whether you’re rolling out your low back or neck, you’ll find that our dual ball gets right to the muscle and sore spots while evading the bones. With its knobbie system, the dual ball will move tissue from side to side and allow for fluid to move within the spaces the ball creates. Muscle, skin, and fascia are heavily hydrated tissues and massage is a great way of keeping these tissues healthy, fluid, and moving with our dual ball. Offering optimal compression, pressure and fluid flow, daily ball work is necessary for anyone who wants better feeling muscles. We can get sore from exercise, as well as no exercise. The ball is a great companion for all types. Encourage blood flow and venous return to muscles that have been working all day. Stimulate that poor circulation that creates havoc in your body.  You’ll find that most physical therapists, personal trainers, and chiropractors will recommend massage balls for daily use. Everyone needs daily massage! Many times you don’t have the time or money to get a great massage, hence where are balls come in. You’ll quickly find out that self myofascial therapy is a great way to pinpoint nagging pain spots or trigger points that just wont go away. This shape of this dual ball system fits nicely into your calf and Achilles tendon area. It will stay away from compressing your Achilles tendon and apply nice compression over the actual muscle belly of the calf and its connection to the tendon. Great for hamstrings as well! Treat all conditions such as tendinitis, piriformis syndrome, chronic low back pain, rotator cuff pain, elbow tendinitis, and neck pain.LARGE STYLE double massage ball with patented designed knobs to reach every muscle, tendon, and fascial line! This original ball design is used to go beyond what the singular ball can do. Great for blood flow, circulation and muscle aches.
Our Dual Ball design helps avoid bony prominences where rolling can be painful. Our innovative design leads itself to MAKE ROOM of bones, as well as letting tissue have some space to go while massaging. Not all tissue needs to be smashed!
TRIGGER POINTS, hard to reach areas of your hip, low back and upper neck, this dual ball design is tailored to create compression and tension where needed without destroying healthy muscle tissue. Roll safely and effectively with this ball.
INCREASE CIRCULATION improves mobility. All muscles and tissue need this! There is not a moment where muscles and tissue do not need great blood flow and circulation. Using out dual massage ball anywhere, anytime will keep you mobile and agile!
HYDRATION! Did you know that all muscles and tissue are heavily hydrated? If your tissues are healthy they have a lot of water in them. Providing daily massage with our ball will help water move. When muscles don’t move they become stagnant and dehydrated.

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