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MAJOR NFL Trade Rumors On Lamar Jackson To Colts, Aaron Rodgers & Jets + Jerry Jeudy Latest

MAJOR NFL Trade Rumors On Lamar Jackson To Colts, Aaron Rodgers & Jets + Jerry Jeudy Latest

NFL rumors on 3/26/2023 focus on the latest NFL trade rumors and whispers. Here’s what NFL Daily by Chat Sports host Tom Downey discusses on today’s show:
– Lamar Jackson latest
– Colts trading for Lamar Jackson?
– Aaron Rodgers to the Jets?
– Jerry Jeudy trade by Broncos?

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Lamar Jackson trade rumors, explained:
– Colts plane reportedly in Baltimore this week
– Lamar has been linked, mostly speculatively, to the Colts this offseason
– The Lamar Saga has no end game in sight
– The Colts have little downside in pursuing Lamar Jackson at this point in free agency
– NFL warned teams to not talk to Ken Francis, who was allegedly trying to get Lamar a deal

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Here are the latest Aaron Rodgers trade rumors:
– Jets & Packers are no closer to a trade
– Rodgers says the Packers are holding up the deal with their asking price
– Rodgers’ option doesn’t need to be triggered until the start of the 2023 season
– Waiting until after the NFL Draft would allow the Jets to keep their 1st rounder
– Rodgers’ dead money drops after June 1st

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The latest Jerry Jeudy trade rumors:
– The Jerry Jeudy trade rumors aren’t stopping
– Broncos are clearly shopping him, but have a 1st round pick asking price
– Could Denver trade him during the NFL Draft?

Where will Jerry Jeudy play in 2023?

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