Maddow Says Trump’s Incompetence Will Result In ‘Thousands And Thousands’ Of Needless U.S. Deaths

An enraged Rachel Maddow unloaded on Donald Trump on Monday night, calling his response to the coronavirus crisis “useless” and saying White House incompetence will undoubtedly cause “thousands and thousands and thousands” of needless deaths in the United States.

The MSNBC host said Trump’s failed management of this crisis was on full display in newly obtained audio footage in which the president told Montana Gov. Steve Bullock that he wasn’t aware of states having any trouble obtaining medical equipment, like ventilators and testing kits – despite the fact that governors have been shouting their concerns from the roof tops.

Maddow said this level of denial and incompetence from the president will have deadly consequences.

“This is the kind of useless national response that is going to result in the deaths of thousands and thousands and thousands of Americans,” an emotional Maddow said. “But this is the federal government that we’ve got.”


Maddow said:

Testing kits are among the critical medical supplies that governors around the country cannot source on their own to cobble together a 50-part symphonic response to what is the worst crisis on the globe when it comes to this virus. 50 governors doing their best trying to cobble together access to testing, access to masks, access to gloves, access to ventilators. Fifty governors trying to do it and the president saying I haven’t heard this is a problem, I’ll back you up if you need it, make sure you say nice things about me. That’s the status of the national response to this crisis right now. We have the biggest and worst coronavirus epidemic in the world, and it is slated to get way worse than it is right now. They want to call this the Chinese virus. China had half the number of cases that we’ve already got and you see the way all of our curves are going right now. In 50 states. In all of our biggest cities. And lots of places that aren’t big cities at all. Our national response to this crisis has been this kind of useless. There is no nationalization of critical medical supplies. There’s a lot of happy talk about how much we have, and then you hear from the nurses and the doctors and the people on the front lines who are actually seeing patients, saying we don’t have it, we’re being told to use the same mask every day. This is the kind of useless national response that is going to result in the deaths of thousands and thousands and thousands of Americans. But this is the federal government that we’ve got.

Trump has been asleep at the wheel since day one

Since day one of this global health emergency, the president of the United States has been asleep at the wheel.

As a result, states have been forced to go it alone and fill in the gaps left behind by the failed federal response – but there’s only so much they can do.

Despite Trump’s daily boasting, there still isn’t a coronavirus test for every American who needs one, and medical professionals still don’t have the gear they need to keep themselves protected as they battle this outbreak.

Donald Trump may not be responsible for the coronavirus, but his incompetent response will almost certainly result in thousands of Americans needlessly dying.

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