La Joya 1/6-1/3 Carat Total Weight (cttw) Certified Lab Grown Diamond Pendant Necklace – Set in 4 Prong Yellow Gold Or White Rhodium Plated .925 Sterling Silver With Chain – GH Color And VS/SI Clarity

La Joya 1/6-1/3 Carat Total Weight (cttw) Certified Lab Grown Diamond Pendant Necklace – Set in 4 Prong Yellow Gold Or White Rhodium Plated .925 Sterling Silver With Chain – GH Color And VS/SI Clarity

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Product Description

La Joya- The Diamond Jewelry

La joyaLa joya

Product Details

4 prong pendant

4 prong pendant





Classic 4 Prong Setting

Our 4 Prong Set Necklaces showcases the beauty of the Diamond while still maintaining the sleek and minimalistic appeal of a Solitaire Necklace.

Adjustable For Any Occasion

Your Diamond Necklace comes with an adjustable chain so that you can wear your Diamond at different lengths.

– At 16 inches the Diamond falls around the base of the neck like a collar.

– At 17 inches the Diamond falls just below your collarbone

– At 18 inches the Diamond will fall just below your throat.

Solitaire Diamond Sizes

The Diamonds for our Solitaire Necklaces are meticulously selected and are always GH colour or better and SI clarity or better ensuring that your Hoops are always sparkling and never look dull and cloudy. The are independently authenticated by expert Gemologists and accompanied with a certificate which one can verify online


Is a Lab Grown Diamond a Real Diamond?

Short answer- Hell Yes! Natural Diamonds are formed under the earth’s crust under intense heat and pressure that causes carbon atoms to crystallise. Recent advances in science and technology has made it possible to recreate this intense heat and pressure that exists below the earth surface on a Diamond seed to ‘create’ or ‘grow’ a Diamond. Since these Diamonds are made from a Diamond seed, they share the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics of Natural Diamonds. Even trained jewelers cannot identify the difference between a Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds under their magnifying glasses. It requires special machines to detect whether the origin of the Diamond was in the laboratory of in the earth. They are for all purposes a ‘Diamond’- only one made in a laboratory and not mined from the earth



Another short answer- Oh Hell yes! We have all seen the movie ‘Blood Diamond’ and know of the unspeakable human rights atrocities in certain Diamond mining countries. While most natural earth mined Diamonds are conflict-free one can never be 100% sure as it is next to impossible to trace the origin of a Diamond. While all retailers claim that they comply with the ‘KimberlyProcess’, the ‘Kimberly Process’ only limits the definition of ‘Conflict Free Diamonds’ as Diamonds that do not finance rebel movements against recognized Governments. This leaves out of Diamonds that are tainted by violence, human rights abuses, poverty and other issues. Besides this Diamond mining has led to large scale environmental degradation, deforestation, soil erosion and large-scale marine and terrestrial ecosystem destruction. So, the only way to enjoy the beauty of a Diamond is to buy a lab grown diamond where you are assured you are not unknowingly aiding any of these ghastly activities.

Our Company









Design Atelier

Our design atelier or design team comprising designers spanning the design capitals of New York and Milan is one of our greatest assets. Be it churning out new innovative products or giving modern twists to age old classics, our designers are always seeking inspiration from everything around them.

Diamond Casa

Our Diamond Casa or Diamond department meticulously selects only the best stones based on an exhaustive list of 12 pre-set criteria. Only stones that pass all the required criteria go into our fine jewels. You will never have to worry about dull or cloudy Diamonds with us ever

Maison de Miracles

Our Maison of Miracles or our manufacturing process features skilled artisans and state of the art technology. By focusing on the latest innovations our highly talented jewelers and goldsmiths are constantly pushing the boundaries.

Economical and Practical

Our model ensures that we provide you with jewelry at rates far lower than retail along with providing a superior quality Diamonds at an incredible value. That means you get gorgeous, contemporary and timeless jewels for far less.


· Attempt to avoid contact with moisture, acids or oils as they can cause your jewelry to tarnish.

· Remove your jewelry when showering, swimming, sleeping or going to the gym.

· Get your jewelry cleaned periodically with your local jeweler or with a tarnish remover at home.

It is simple to maintain and restores the shine of your favourite La Joya jewelry.







Avoid contact with perfumes and oils

Avoid wearing when working out

Avoid when in contact with water

Avoid when cooking

Remove when sleeping

Store in a box when not wearing

ALLURING 1/3 CARAT STERLING SILVER NECKLACE : A Dainty Yet Stunning 1/3 Carat Total Weight (cttw) Ensure That Your Necklace Is Both Dazzling And Eye Catching Just As Diamond Necklaces Should Be
EARTH FRIENDLY AND CONFLICT FREE – With the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds, lab diamonds are sustainable with zero excavations, lower emissions and resource usage. Importantly they are cruelty free and do not finance wars
PRECIOUS HEIRLOOM : A Solitaire Diamond Necklace Is A Classic Pieces Of Jewelry And With Our Lab Made Diamonds You Truly Have A Slice of Eternity. Moreover Your Necklace Comes With An Adjustable Chain So That It Can Be Worn At 16 17 Or 18 Inches
EASE of MIND : We Are Committed To Delivering Exquisite Fine Jewelry At Excellent Prices. Your Satisfaction Is Our Only Priority So We Back All Our Sales With A 30-day Return Policy. Not In Love With Your Stud Pendant ? We Will Resolve It !