Infrastructure plans pass key hurdle; Gaetzgate; Republicans against baseball

If only there had been prior hints that this guy was a terrible, terrible human being.

While Republicans continue to fume and promise consequences for corporations that are objecting to the party’s newest voter suppression laws, the Democratic Senate got some very good procedural news that will allow new infrastructure programs to move forward despite Republican vows to block them. Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Democrats win critical procedural tool to pass infrastructure, putting McConnell in a jam

Matt Gaetz’s staffers were sending videos of his outrageous behavior to other Republican officials

Republicans are screaming about an MLB boycott, but their real threats are of a different kind

Fox News is upset about teachers volunteering their time to unaccompanied asylum-seeking kids

Study indicates the Jan. 6 riots were motivated by racism and white resentment, not ‘election theft’

From the community:

Church Membership Falls off a Cliff. Was it Caused By Christian Hate, Hypocrisy or Insanity?

Palm Beach County prosecutor reveals just how screwed Matt Gaetz really is

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