In final Dark Phoenix X-Men trailer, Jean Grey shows off volatile powers

April 17, 201911min


Jean Grey is about to have close encounter of the Phoenix kind.

20th Century Fox screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

The final trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix has hit. In it, we catch the X-Men on a mission to space — when something goes awry.

Once back on Earth, Jean Grey grapples with powers she can’t necessarily control, and maybe doesn’t even want to. 

Meanwhile, Charles Xavier is just a smidge concerned: “She’ll kill us all.”

Sophie Turner (aka Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones) stars as Jean. In the comics, she’s one of the original five X-Men, a team of mutant heroes led by Professor Xavier that included Cyclops, Beast, Angel and Iceman. She also has one heck of a complicated comic book history

Jennifer LawrenceMichael FassbenderJames McAvoyTye SheridanAlexandra ShippNicholas Hoult and Evan Peters reprise their roles from previous X-Men moviesJessica Chastain joins as a mysterious shape-shifter, and this trailer means it seem like her character gives Jean a nudge toward her darker instincts. 

We also get a sense of the team’s conflict regarding her fate.

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Final X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer


The film from 20th Century Fox opens June 7. Let’s just hope this adaptation of the classic X-Men comic storyline is better than the last one, especially since the movie franchise may be in for some changes.

Originally published 7:23 a.m. PT.

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