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How to Improve Concentration and Focus: 10 Exercises and 10 Tips to Increase Concentration

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(as of Jun 01, 2023 01:15:16 UTC – Details)

If you’re looking to improve your concentration and focus, then this audiobook is for you! Most people today have the attention span and focus of a hyper-caffeinated squirrel chomping down on methamphetamines like Tic Tacs. We hop from unfinished project to unfinished project, flit around piled-up work by giving in to accessible diversions at the drop of a hat, and so on and so forth – until we’re left with ever-increasing piles of work and ignored responsibilities and basically as much control over our minds as a junkie going through withdrawal. 

But instead of playing slave to our minds, we can wrest back that lost control through a series of simple tips and everyday exercises. After all, curiosity is an excellent trait – in moderation – and if we bend our minds to our will, instead of the other way around, we can amp up productivity, focus, etc., while achieving a calmer mental state. And that is the purpose of this audiobook! 

So, are you ready to delve into these secrets, new and old, and gain control back over your mind from these never-ending distractions? 

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

Practicing mindfulness and stillness Breathing exercises The effects of memory games Dexterity exercises Focusing on your own body Self-policing Helpful daily routines Much, much more!