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Hawk Can’t Seem To Wrap Its Head Around This “Duck” Who’s Not Reacting To Its Threats

Hawk Can’t Seem To Wrap Its Head Around This “Duck” Who’s Not Reacting To Its Threats

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Animals can be adorable in a number of ways: by being fluffy, by being silly and playful, by showing their love for us, and by (among many other things) being confused about things.

Yep, since animals have a drastically different kind of perception than we humans do, they automatically react in different ways than we do.

Take this lovely neighborhood hawk, for instance, who was completely confused about the “duck” it saw. Except it wasn’t really a duck—it was a duck lawn ornament.

Wildlife is adorable, especially when it’s confused about something we know is made of plastic, yet looks real

Image credits: Garybob

So, YouTube user Garybob uploaded a video of a hawk who thought he’d just hit the jackpot by finding a suitable meal, only to be bamboozled by the fact that it’s a lawn ornament.

Just think about it: a hawk is flying about the neighborhood, scoping out something to eat. Bam, it sees a lone duck, sitting in the middle of a meadow. It’s like being served a dish on a silver platter!

Well, lo and behold, the hawk swoops in for the kill—note, hawks are apex predators that may sometimes target ducks—and something doesn’t seem right.

This hawk was completely confused about a duck lawn ornament that it stumbled upon

Image credits: Garybob

Image credits: Garybob

The hawk starts expressing clear signs of suspicion and confusion. Suddenly, it paces towards it and attacks, only to be rejected by the plastic exterior of the pretty realistic duck figure.

The hawk starts pacing, trying to claw it multiple times, bringing it down with its sharp talons, all the while looking out for other predators or potential food.

This lasts for a good 2 minutes—just pacing, occasionally moving or attacking the plastic duck, and just being completely puzzled by how it’s not moving, not even responding in any way.

It kept pacing around, clawing it with its talons, puzzled as to why it’s not reacting or being threatened

Image credits: Garybob

Image credits: Garybob

Here’s the 2-minute video of the hawk being confused as heck

Image credits: Garybob

Once the hawk’s patience runs out, it decides to just fly away—seeing as there’s nothing edible about this plastic duck, nor is there much “life” (i.e. resistance) coming from it, the hawk decides to bolt.

The video was quite popular among internauts, garnering nearly 1.8 million views with over 29,000 likes on the video on YouTube.

The hawk’s confusion was captured on video and it went viral on YouTube, getting nearly 1.8M views

Image credits: Garybob

Image credits: Garybob

Now, this isn’t the only time a hawk was seen being confused about plastic lawn ornaments. Steve Grimme shared this video on Facebook of a hawk being confused by a plastic rabbit.

The reaction is pretty much the same: a lot of looking and circling around, the occasional attack and the priceless face (beak?) of confusion every time the rabbit doesn’t “comply” with the “being attacked protocol.”

But confusion is a universal phenomenon and dogs, for instance, also get confused, like Moose, the adorable golden retriever who was perplexed by how mirrors work when playing hide and seek with his owner. You can check out our story about Moose here.

Turns out, it’s not the only confused hawk out there as seen in another internaut’s video of a hawk being all confused by this lawn ornament bunny


I do not post much on FB but this was a unique view I had yesterday and feel the need to share.

Posted by Steve Grimme on Monday, 30 September 2019

Has wildlife ever messed with your lawn ornaments? If so, let us know in the comment section below!