Goose is yelling to his friend about what bullshit it is to have to move during a pandemic. : funny

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We’re in a 16″ truck from budget and we’re all crammed in the cab. The original plan was to keep them in a crate together thinking theyd be calmer but we tested it out and Oona, the little black and white one, absolutely flipped a shit. Shes a little dumpster cat so shes really not cool with being forced into closed quarters it seems. So we are letting them roam. I have a small litter box on the floor in between the seats and a small food and water bowl as well. They’re a bit too stressed to eat or drink right now since we just started but are making stops for them to relax. We are going from southern New Jersey to central Florida. If I were to change anything I’d say pick up some of that kitty friendly lavender spray so they aren’t so stressed. Goose has been in our laps with his head buried most of the trip and Oona is still in her perch watching and judging.