Gold Mine Blue Corn Masa Harina – USDA Organic – Macrobiotic, Vegan, Kosher and Gluten-Free Flour for Healthy Mexican Dishes – 5 LBS

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A traditional Central American corn flour

make your own tamales and tortillas at home! It’s fun and easy with authentic blue corn masa haring, a flavorful stone ground cornmeal that’s been precooked with limewater to make the dough pliable. Masa is also wonderful in recipes that call for cornmeal.

masa Farina is a traditional Central American corn flour dried and treated by soaking and cooking the mature (hard) grain in a diluted solution of slaked lime (calcium Hydroxide) or wood ash, a process termed nixtamalization. Soaking the corn loosens the hulls away from the kernels and softens the corn, while making it easier to digest and absorb the nutrients.The package width of the product is 7.5 inches
The package height of the product is 4.5 inches
The package weight of the product is 5.1 pounds