‘Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacy’

By now you might have heard that tonight’s debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was … rough to watch. Biden found himself calling Trump a clown at points and even wondered if Trump would “just shut up.” And none of those things would be considered gaffs or impolite by anyone who watched Trump’s hyped-up behavior.

It wasn’t a surprise in as much as Donald Trump, besides being a historically terrible leader and somehow worse president, is also a horrendous human being. He’s a classic, two-inch deep bully. There isn’t much to him. A big bag of insecurities and a mediocre mind in the body of a large rich kid whose dad hated virtually everyone, including his son. But most importantly, Trump is a white supremacist and a racist. And that was clear from tonight’s performance when he was given the chance to condemn racist organization Proud Boys and he didn’t.

Van Jones probably gave the most impassioned summarization of the night when asked his takeaways.

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