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Dome  Home Project Part 6: The Outer and Top Structures

Dome Home Project Part 6: The Outer and Top Structures

This part 6 of the Dome Home Project introduces the outer structures and member of the dome design. This video analyzes the paneling, top structures, and the way these are to be assembled, fastened, and what materials to use.
Catch earlier videos. This series is an introductory series for a relatively cheap and simple dome residential structure, designed by HVB and incorporating the elusive dome concept. This is an elliptical or ovoid dome that provides lots of overhead space and a feeling of freedom and hope. This structure can be built using relatively simple methods and by a very small and medium skilled crew. I have developed structures and methods specifically to tackle the problems with building a dome structure. This design incorporates simple concept of the revolved arc, and requires only common materials such as wood products, concrete, some steel materials, and plastics. It is being designed as I make these video presentations, so it is a working progress. But, as it is, anyone can analyze the presentation and plans provided here, and add or take as required, or begin to build as is with the review and approval of a structural engineer and architect. These plans are made available because I believe that this structure can provide long term shelter to people that prefer and require a safe structure. The ovoid dome is among the most resilient geometries that can be used on a structure; therefore, I believe it is much safer and durable than conventional ‘box’ homes. Also, I noticed the methods and materials to construct a dome are largely hidden from the public, and many available media point to hard-to-build and expensive steel reenforced monolithic domes, or excruciatingly complex geodesic domes, that require intricate machining and cutting, and specialized skills. In contrast this dome is designed to be built by the average person and can even be built by a single person. Lastly, this home is being designed to be self-sustained, and off the grid, adding to its uniqueness and value. Thank you for watching.