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Cities and hospitals could be overrun with coronavirus cases – Andy Slavitt

“Last night I was on with state & local officials around the U.S. well into the night. By March 23 many of our largest cities & hospitals are on course to be overrun with cases,” former Medicare, Medicaid & ACA head for Obama Andy Slavit writes.

“Currently experts expect over 1M deaths in the U.S. since the virus was not contained & we cannot even test for it,” he writes. “This will be recorded as a major preventable public health disaster.”

“I need to close with three messages:

“1) stay socially isolated for real. Not for you, but for everyone. And if someone minimizes this all, patiently listen and explain. People can’t be bullied.

“Second, root for the government to succeed here whether you like them or not. The stakes are higher than any most of us have ever experienced: wars, 9/11, whatever. Let’s have an election with this behind us having pulled together. This does spread from Republican to Democrat.

“3) I can’t express enough gratitude to the frontline health care workforce. We need to do what we can to make your jobs easier. There’s no roadmap— only your training, commitment & undiscovered capacities that we are relying on. You are heroes.”

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