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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has officially reopened following volcanic activity from Kilauea that had kicked off May 11.

During the eruption, most of the national park had been closed to the public, with only the Kahuku Unit remaining open. Most of the rest of the park officially resumed its 24-hour a day operation as of September 22. While an official count was not immediately available, officials estimated that several thousand people returned to the park  on its official reopening day. Workers were able to restore the park’s drinking water in time for the reopening, and the park’s mule, Clyde, and the park’s part quarter horse, ‘Ōhi‘a, were also on hand to greet guests.

Some parts of the park remain closed while further damage assessments and repairs are underway. The park has a map of the closed areas, as well as new hazards created during the eruption, at https://www.nps.gov/havo/closed_areas.htm.

New Hazards at Hawaii Volcanoes National

New Tours From KapohoKine

To celebrate the reopening Hawaii Island-based KapohoKine Adventures has launched two new adventure and hotel packages. The “Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Adventure by LAND” will take visitors to the Kilauea Caldera, which since the May 11 eruption has become a massive, 1,000+ foot deep crater rather than a lava lake, according to the company. Also included are a deli lunch, Hawaiian-style barbeque dinner with vineyard tour and wine tasting at Volcano Winery and one room night accommodations. Price is $358 plus tax for two persons, with $179 plus tax per person for additional guests, representing a 30 percent discount.

The “GRAND” package includes everything in the “LAND” package, as well as two more experiences. At the Zipline Through Paradise eight-line ziplining course, guests will be able to experience the island’s longest riding tandem line at 2,400 feet. After that, the package includes a 50-minute Circle of Fire Helicopter Tour, which offers sights of rain forests, waterfalls and the volcano from above. Price is $1,118 plus tax for two, with additional guests at $579 per person plus tax, representing a $200 discount.

Accommodations are at the Grand Naniloa Hilo Hotel. Rates are valid through December 31.

The Kilauea volcanic activity, which began May 11, destroyed more than 700 homes and covered approximately 13.7 square miles of land in the lower Puna area with lava. It also added an estimated 875 acres of new land to the island.

In early September, the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) officially noted the one-month mark since the continuous flow of lava from Kilauea had ceased. The HTA also reported that air quality island-wide is clean and clear.

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Officials: Lava Flow From Hawaii Volcano Quiet for One Month

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A gastronomic festival in the north Russia

A gastronomic marathon called the Russian North which is weekly held on Saturdays and Sundays in Nickel, a small Russian town, near the Norwegian border, has ended with a big celebration in the central square.

The Bright People group, the organizers of an unusual festival have developed quite a unique concept which combines several artistic spheres, such as culinary, music, theatre and applied arts typical for northern culture. It’s worthy to say that such a unique event for the legendary remote cities would not have been possible without support of the Nornickel Company.

Secrets of Northern Cuisine
The center of the festival is the tent of the clever culinary studio. Numerous culinary workshops have been organized throughout the summer period. The participants have learned the true secrets of the northern cuisine directly from leading Chefs of Russia. Typical recipes contain some local natural delights like berries, sea and river fish.

“There are no strict cooking rules. Today, we are going to improvise a little. Although we use traditional ingredients and techniques for the foundation, it’s not a classic recipe” explained Oleg Bokonsky, a Brand Chef of Clever studio.

The participants prepared a fish salad with cranberry dressing, a stewed cod stuffed with onion and cottage cheese, and a huge pie with two kinds of fish fillings: pike and salmon. Everybody who visited the central city square had a chance to taste this gigantic pie, which was prepared under an attentive supervision of the kitchen Chefs.

Veggies can sing
An artistic band – Playtronica organized a truly unusual performance. The guys developed a gadget which literally grants a voice to any objects capable of conducting electric current. As a result, the audience has witnessed “singing” of zucchini, eggplants, and pumpkin. And as if it was not enough, they also played melodies on lemons and watermelon.

“This tactile musical instrument allows extraction of sounds from objects, even from fruits and vegetables. Today, we show how pumpkin and watermelon can be drums, whereas zucchini and eggplants can extract bass, and lemons can play high-frequency melodies. The larger an object is, the higher the volume and deeper sound it extracts” shares one of the Playtronica members – Dmitry Rostotsky.

Immersive gastronomic theatre
A theatrical play directed by Yuriy Makeev was probably the warmest part of the festival. The name of the play, translated from Russian is “Family bakery”.
“Theatr Vkusa” presented a story of a baker’s family, which shares the brad’s recipe from one generation to the next. An immersive staging allows the audience to be literally involved in the play. It’s also funny to note, the characters playing the bread were the participants of the culinary workshop and actually cooked it together with the actors.

“Family plays a central role in our theatre. For me personally, the theatre gives me an opportunity to discuss family values. It’s extremely important to keep reminding people about their roots and traditions. The success of the story which was staged today will be determined by time. However, right after the performance, a lot of children and grown-ups came to hug me. I think we managed to touch the delicate strings of their hearts!” says Yuriy Makeev, the director of Family Bakery play.

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flybmi announces new senior management team

flybmi has announced what it terms a “robust restructure” of its senior leadership.

Under the plans Jochen Schnadt, currently chief commercial officer with the carrier, will assume the role of managing director on October 11th.

Tim Shattock has joined flybmi as interim managing director earlier this year to assist in this transition process and he will now return to his native Dublin to take up a new leadership role.

“It has been a pleasure in being part of the flybmi team for the last few months and I am very confident that great things lie ahead for flybmi and its people. 

“I would like to thank everyone in the company and wish the Team every success for the future,” said Shattock.

With Schnadt now assuming the role of managing director at flybmi, having been with the company for the last three years, the organisational structure will be adjusted to better address the key needs of flybmi going forward.

A key part of this organisational adjustment will be the appointment of Malcolm Sutherland as flybmi’s new chief operations officer overseeing all operational functions of flybmi, reporting to Schnadt.

In addition, Schnadt will continue to have the directors for sales and business development, Fabrice Binet, revenue and planning, Barry Oaten, and customer and marketing, Antony Price, reporting to him alongside the chief financial officer, Paul Roberts and head of people, Suzanna Smith.

Commenting on his new role Schnadt said: “I feel very privileged to have been asked to take on the managing director role and to be able to work with the great team that we have to move things forward to the next level.

“I am also delighted to welcome Malcolm to the team, who with his previous experience in Virgin Atlantic and the Thomas Cook Group will add tremendous value to the team and effort at flybmi, joining us at this very exciting time.”

Peter Bond, co-owner of the airline, will assume the position of co-chairman of Airline Investments taking on a more active role to further strengthen the day-to-day running of flybmi and Loganair.

flybmi operates a 19-strong all-jet fleet creating connectivity between key growing regions on a pan-European scale with primary gateways at Bristol, Munich and Brussels.

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Malaysia Airlines partners with Amadeus for new chatbot

Malaysia Airlines has launched MHchat, a new feature which helps travellers’ book flights and pay through the popular social media app, Facebook Messenger.

Jointly developed with Malaysia Airlines as its pilot customer, the Amadeus Chatbot for Airlines is a new solution designed to make it easier for travellers to book flights, retrieve bookings, and ask questions through a social media messaging platform customers are already familiar with.

On Facebook Messenger, Malaysia Airlines’ customers can use MHchat if they want to look up flights, or ask a question related to a booking, and it will search, locate and push offers or information using artificial intelligence.

Travelers can even complete a transaction, make a secure payment and receive the travel itinerary all within the same app.

Izham Ismail, chief executive, Malaysia Airlines, said: “Customer experience is a key priority for Malaysia Airlines and we are deeply committed to constantly improving it. 

“Our digital transformation strategy lies at the heart of this, as we continuously harness new and innovative technologies to enhance all touchpoints for our guests. 

“We are pleased to partner with Amadeus on the launch of MHchat, and we are excited to be the first in Malaysia to bring this to travellers.

“We were very pleased with Amadeus’ ability to deliver this innovative solution within the short timeframe of a few months.

“We look forward to further exploring how we can deliver more personalized and integrated services for our customers.”

The Amadeus Chatbot can be customised for any airline, delivering higher customer satisfaction, and more revenue opportunities as well as cost-savings around customer care.

Cyril Tetaz, executive vice president, airlines, Asia Pacific, Amadeus, said: “We are very delighted to work with Malaysia Airlines on its digital transformation; MHchat is a testimony to the airline’s commitment to evolve its digital channels.

“Agility is crucial when working on innovative digital solutions, and working together with Malaysian Airlines, we have delivered this innovative platform in three months. 

“Many airlines are embarking on turnaround transformation initiatives, driven by a real will to address competition but above all to improve the customer experience.”

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Phrasee has launched the first product of its kind for Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

The new product, trialled by Wowcher and three other companies, allows customers to test artificial intelligence-generated language at scale in social advertising.

Early pilots at Wowcher have delivered an average reduction in cost per lead of 31 per cent compared to the human written copy.

Phrasee for Facebook and Instagram builds on the global success of the company’s email subject line product and applies it to social campaigns.

Phrasee’s artificial intelligence writes and optimises language for Facebook and Instagram in a way that’s unique to a brand’s strategy, voice and guidelines, delivering more engagement, clicks and conversions, all at a lower cost per impression.

“For too long, we’ve relied upon humans to write marketing copy for social ads,” said Parry Malm, chief executive and co-founder of Phrasee.

“Now there’s a better way.

“We’ve invested heavily in our artificial intelligence-powered copywriting technology and are super proud to have extended it from email marketing to Facebook and Instagram ads.

“The amazing feedback from our customers and agency partners on the early results really shows that we’re delivering huge bottom-line value to brands around the world.”

The product is targeted at global brands and agencies running social campaigns on behalf of clients.

Already, agencies such as Tomorrow TTH and Social Chain are using the product as a catalyst for their campaigns.

Social marketers can create artificial intelligence-powered copy for campaigns in minutes and the product uses past campaign results to train its deep learning engine, ensuring continued and progressive performance.

“I can honestly say when we embarked on this latest initiative with Phrasee, we didn’t expect a cost per lead reduction of over 31 per cent”, said Alexis Harrison, head of external media at Wowcher.

“We’ve always been impressed by the ability of Phrasee’s artificial intelligence I tech to deliver human sounding, brand-compliant email subject lines that generate amazing business results. Its new Facebook and Instagram product takes things to a whole new level.”


Also among recent partners for Phrasee has been Hilton, which partnered with the company earlier this year.

Speaking to Breaking Travel News in London, Marc Lantrok, customer engagement lead for Hilton in Europe, Middle East and Africa, explained: “Integrating artificial intelligence into our consumer marketing and customer engagement engine was a big deal for us.

“Despite artificial intelligence being such a big topic, we found that the Hilton leadership team did not know what it meant.

“Luckily for us, we met Phrasee and it was a whirlwind of activity.

“We did a proof of concept and the results were stellar.

“We then went to contract with Phrasee and we never looked back.”


Phrasee is world-leading AI that generates and optimises marketing copy at scale, delivering improved results for email subject lines, push notifications, and Facebook and Instagram ads.

Founded in 2015, Phrasee is the go-to solution for ambitious, intelligent and analytical marketers.

Maria Korelina

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This Greece photography trip has been amazing. There are so many beautiful places in Greece for photography that it’s almost too much for one blog post.  Thus, rather than just rattling off every single photo location in the country, I thought I’d pick and choose my absolute favorites.

It should be noted too that I’ve done a couple Greece photography trips now, so some of the images below are from previous visits.  It should also be noted that as time moves forward, and I return here or visit new islands I’ll update this with some of the new beautiful places in Greece I find.

So without further ado, I’m going to get into these locations.  Here they are!

Greece Photography

My Favourite Greece Photography Spot

On Crete there are a lot of beautiful places.  Some of them are great to look but aren’t very photogenic.  But just outside of Georgioupolis, though, there’s a photography spot that’s to die for.  It’s a church out to sea sat on a seawall.  I had a bit of a mission to get there as the waves were smashing up against the wave break.  But, once I got out among the rocks it was epic. Easily my favourite photo from Greece. And easily my favourite Greece photography spot.

Best photo locations Greece

The Obvious One: Santorini

Everyone who spends time here knows that Santorini is one of the most beautiful places in Greece.  It’s famous for its blue and white buildings and sunsets that leave you breathless.  But, with so many people posting images of Santorini there are plenty of people who worry that it’s overrated.

And to be honest, when I was there I struggled with a couple things: access and crowds.  I also found it hard to find unique images that there aren’t hundreds of already online.

Oia is the classic photo spot.  And while most people head to Oia Castle, I hiked down a path a little bit lower to get a different angle that incorporated the port.

Santorini classic photo

Over in Thira, the beautiful 3 bells church is a fantastic photo spot as well.

Thira, Greece

3 Bells Church in Thira

And, finally, a hike down the hill to Agios Nikolaos Church is a fantastic place for sunset.

Agios Nikolas Church, Santorini

The view above Agios Nikolas Church

Syros is Seriously Beautiful

I’m really not sure why more people don’t go to Syros. It is seriously beautiful.  In fact, I had as much fun shooting photography in Syros as any other island in Greece.

That said, I definitely had a favourite location.

If you follow the GPS coordinates (37°26’42.0″N 24°56’43.4″E)  you’ll get to a little alleyway down to the water.  Down there, you have some rocks that work as a beautiful foreground to the church on the hill.  It is seriously beautiful.  And, don’t think you need great camera gear to get a cool photo here, it’s one of those places that is just naturally photogenic.

Syros, Greece

Heraklion Old Port

We were based in Heraklion, and I worried before going that there wasn’t going to be enough photo opportunities there.  I mean, Heraklion isn’t exactly known as one of the best Greece photography places.  But, as soon as I saw the old port I knew I was going to have some fun there.

In fact, there are at least 3 photo locations down on the port.

The first is of the old port itself with the boats in the foreground.

Greece Photos

The second is of the massive wave-break leading out to the sea.

Greece Photos

And the third is from the wavebreak back towards the city or just of the castle; which admittedly I haven’t photographed yet.

Chania is Greece Photography Heaven

We got to Chania after dark and it was absolutely packed with tourists. In fact, we were a bit stressed out. There were so many people that it seemed like it was going to be a nightmare for photography.

But, we decided to sleep on it and head out first thing at dawn to explore some of the streets and get a couple images.  I’m glad we did.  Check out the vlog below from the morning.

In the end, Chania is Greece photography perfection.

Yes, it was busy in the evening.  But at dawn there were some beautiful images to be made down on the old port.

Crete Photos

The old port of Chania, Crete

There was also just a countless number of street photography opportunities.

Greece images

I was left sure that Chania is one of the most beautiful places in Greece.  And, the crazy part is that we didn’t even go what might be the best photography location in Chania which is the abandoned factory.  I will get back and shoot that spot at some point!

Don’t Forget the Mainland!

So many people head directly to the Greek Islands totally neglecting the mainland.  And while I’m a bit guilty of that too – having spent the vast majority of my time in Greece on the islands – there are a bunch of cool photo spots on the mainland.  In fact, I’d argue that one of the top 3 most beautiful places in Greece is on the mainland.

Meteora is phenomenal.

Meteora, Greece


This place is just incredible, and you don’t need to be a photographer to appreciate it.  With monasteries up on cliff tops, there are few places in the world like it.  No Greece photography trip is complete without a visit here.

As for specific locations, I can honestly say that there are dozens of places to shoot from here.  Plan on spending a couple days here and explore.

Meteora, Greece

Or Athens…

I’m always a little bit surprised by the disdain that people seem to have for Athens. I liked it! And, I think that it’s pretty photogenic.  Sure, it’s not Santorini, but there are plenty of images to be made here.

I had 3 favourite locations in Athens.

The first location is Mount Lycabettus.  From up here you get amazing views of all of Athens.  With a long lens you can pick off some of the iconic buildings.

Mount Lycabettus, Athens, Greece

The second photography location is Filopappou Hill. This is such a great place to photograph the Acropolis.  It’s also just a great place to hang out and watch the sunset.

Filopappou Hill, Athens, Greece

Sunset light at Filopappou Hill

Finally, the Academy of Athens is a beautiful building.  If you come, though, its best to photograph this at dawn in the blue hour as it’ll be the quietest.

Academy of Athens, Greece

Loved the architecture at the Academy of Athens.

Naxos is Underrated for Photographers

There’s a pretty classic images of Naxos taken from out near Apollo Temple looking back into the city.  If you get lucky with the light, it could be the most beautiful photo location in the country.

But, what surprised me about Naxos was that there were so many other photo opportunities out on the island.  In fact, I’m surprised it’s not a part of more photographer’s Greece photography trips. It really has a little bit of everything: street photography, landscapes, and cityscapes.  Especially for travel photographers, this island is fantastic.

Photos of Naxos

These are my 3 favourite locations in Naxos.

The first is from out at the door to Apollo’s temple looking back at the city.

Naxos, Greece

The second image is up at this incredible Church Agios Ioannis above the town of Filoti.  The drive up is interesting, but it’s so worth it.  The GPS coordinates via Google Maps can be found here.

Naxos, Greece

Thirdly, I’m a big fan of the location down on the coast to the north of town.  If you get lucky with the light like I did, you’ll get some epic Greece pics.

Naxos, Greece

Of course, don’t forget the street photography options down in the old market area.

Naxos, Greece

Mykonos is Beautifully Hard to Photograph

Apart from Santorini, no island in Greece gets more attention than Mykonos. And its with good reason. Mykonos might have been our favourite island. It was a blend of farm and villa. Almost like a symbiotic relationship between tourist and lifelong local. It was fantastic.

But, I think Mykonos is a tough place to photograph.

Yes, you have the classic shot of the windmills which I’ve linked to here.  But aside from that there really aren’t all that many spots to shoot that are “easy”.  That said, I think that it would be a fun place to photograph for the sheer reason that it’s a challenge. And, I think with the winds of Mykonos, there are plenty of cool seascapes worth shooting.

We didn’t take pictures in Mykonos as it was Jodie’s birthday. But, I’m sure there are lots of great bits of inspiration on Instagram if you need them.

More Greece Photography Locations?

Do you know of some more beautiful places in Greece for photography?  If you do, I’d love to hear about them – as would the community.  So, feel free to leave them below in the comments.

Will There Be A Greece Photography Workshop or Tour?

I have had thoughts about doing a trip to Greece for a full photography workshop. However, if I’m being honest I’m not sure it’s going to happen. As beautiful as Greece is, organizing a photo trip here seems like a little bit of a mission.

However, I won’t rule it out, especially if people start to call for one.  If you want a workshop to Greece, drop a comment below.  If that’s something that might interest you please head over to my travel photography workshops page and sign up for the newsletter, in case it happens.


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St. Regis Melbourne takes brand into Australia for first time

St. Regis Hotels & Resorts has announced the signing of the St. Regis Melbourne, marking the first hotel in Australia for the renowned luxury brand.

Owned by Century Group Aus, this new-build hotel is slated to open in 2022 and will be in the heart of Melbourne amid distinct architecture and a dynamic arts scene.

“Melbourne’s vibrant mix of world-class dining, art galleries and rich history makes it an ideal destination for the debut of the iconic St. Regis brand in Australia,” said Lisa Holladay, global brand leader, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts.

“We are delighted to be working with Century Group Aus to open the St. Regis Melbourne and offer our guests impeccable service and exquisite experiences in Australia.”

Located in the luxury mixed-use precinct Flinders Bank on the corner of Spencer and Flinders Streets, the new St. Regis Melbourne will serve as a landmark gateway to the city’s bustling central business district.

Guests will also be within walking distance of Collins Street, known for its historic Victorian architecture, prestigious boutiques and high-end retailers, as well as the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.   

“We are honoured to be bringing this iconic brand to Australia,” said Connie Wu, executive director of Century Group Aus.

“From the outset, we knew we wanted to create a hotel for today’s discerning and sophisticated traveller and the St. Regis brand’s timeless, tasteful and luxurious offering is the perfect fit.

“We are confident this hotel will become an architectural benchmark in the region and the jewel in the crown at Flinders Bank.”

The 33-storey Flinders Bank will house the St. Regis Melbourne across levels two to 11 and include 168 luxuriously appointed guestrooms and suites, all of which will offer sweeping views of the Yarra River or city skyline.

With interiors created by world-leading interior design studio, Chada, and the building designed by Fender Katsalidis Architects, the St. Regis Melbourne will be an instant icon and stylish addition to the city’s skyline.

“This signing is an indication of the investment community’s confidence in the Australian hotel market, where we are seeing a growing demand for premium lodgings,” said Richard Crawford, senior director, hotel development, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific at Marriott International.

“The St. Regis Melbourne will be an outstanding addition to our strong and growing footprint in the region, where we are on track to boast the largest portfolio of upper upscale and luxury hotels and resorts, with two-thirds of the new supply pipeline.”

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Ascott Residence Trust has acquired a prime greenfield site for S$62.4 million for its maiden development project.

It will build the first co-living property in Singapore’s research and innovation business hub, one-north.

Located at Nepal Hill amid 400 companies, 800 start-ups and 50,000 professionals, the property is expected to be managed by its sponsor, the Ascott under the co-living brand, lyf, targeted at the rising millennial segment.

To be named lyf one-north Singapore, the property will offer 324 units.

It is slated to achieve Temporary Occupation Permit by 2020 and open in 2021.

The 60-year leasehold site was put up by the JTC Corporation for sale in a two-envelope concept and price tender.

Ascott Reit’s concept proposal features the creative use of communal spaces, a holistic design centred on building a vibrant and collaborative community, as well as comprehensive programmes which promote social bonding, wellness, personal development and business networking.

The 200-hectare one-north estate has attracted over S$7 billion worth of investments in critical growth sectors such as the biomedical, info-communications and media industries.

The location is also a talent development hub, home to world-renowned business schools and corporate universities.

Bob Tan, Ascott Residence Trust Management chairman, said: “Ascott Reit is acquiring a prime site in Singapore to build a property on our own for the first time.

“Compared to acquiring completed properties, this investment not only allows us to have an early entry at a lower cost, enjoy development profits, but we can also expect higher yield in the long term.

“This development only accounts for about three per cent of Ascott Reit’s total asset value, which is within the ten per cent regulatory limit on property development for REITs.

“Singapore is a safe environment for construction, and by designing and building the property ourselves with customised specifications and having it managed by our sponsor, Ascott, we can be assured of building quality and strong operating performance.”

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Phinda Homestead reopens at andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve

andBeyond Phinda Homestead, the sole-use safari villa at andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal Province, has reopened following the complete rebuild of the lodge.

Tucked into the edge of a dappled forest, the lodge looks out over an open clearing, its architecture blending perfectly into its natural surroundings.

Blurring the boundaries between the guest and the bush, the lodge’s living areas consist of large covered open spaces, while the clever use of large expanses of glass maximises the feeling of being outdoors.

Spacious flat-roofed walkways and shaded area open out onto sun decks and a sparkling swimming pool that extends out into the open pan.

Rammed earth walls and recycled timber accents bring the natural feel into the indoor spaces.

Raw, earthy materials are combined with quirky accents, as well as the area’s local flavours, to create an elegant and contemporary bush home. 

Inspired by the natural surrounding and the local Zulu culture, the interiors are furnished in clean lines and earthy tones, with highlights of burnt clay, aloe and red.

Traditional Nguni hides, intricate basketwork and colourful crafts, all sourced directly from the local communities, are featured throughout the home, paying homage to the area’s proud and vibrant Zulu culture.

A calming water feature in the entrance sets the tone for this soothing and elegant bush home, while the lodge design caters perfectly for al fresco dining.

The deep veranda boasts a breakfast bar that converts into a cocktail are in the evening hours.

An interactive kitchen brings the lodge’s private chef into the centre of the guest experience, allowing hearty meals to be prepared at the heart of this comfortable bush home.

Flavours and fragrances from the hanging herb garden situated off the front kitchen enhance the delicious fare prepared for guests.

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It must be hard for airport hotels; all guests want to do is leave.

Lost in transition, somewhere between their departure and destination, visitors want nothing more than to while away the time before they can get back on the road.

But what if a hotel can offer something more? A property with a sense of place in its own right, not just a waystation on a long journey?

Pullman Miami Hotel is just such a place – a surprisingly rounded hotel a few moments’ drive (by free shuttle) from the runways at Miami International Airport.

Instead of just offering a bed for the night, the Accor-operated location caters to the spirit of today’s cosmopolitan business and leisure nomads, offering best-in-class service with a unique identity.

For those keeping up with the hierarchy of brands in the French-owned company’s portfolio, the hotel used to be Sofitel Miami Hotel.

While it might seem a step down to have been rechristened under the Pullman flag, it does reveal the level of luxury here, with standards far higher than might be expected from the $100 a night or so price tag.

In the halls installations, paintings, photographs and sculptures by respected local artists come together to showcase the hotel’s creative personality.

True to its commitment to contemporary art, the hotel is building an eclectic collection to pay homage to the extravagant design and art traditions of Miami.

Outside a steamy, tranquil blue lagoon-pool is a great space to really get away from the rigours of the road.

The bar is well stocked with craft beers, including local favourites Monk in the Trunk and the Funky Buddha Hop Gun – both well worth checking out if you have the time.

The vibrant hotel is comprised of 281 guest rooms and suites, all stylishly appointed with the best of the Pullman experience.

Modern furnishings, including large desks with comfortable chairs, a personal safe, Keurig coffee machines and bathroom amenities from C.O. Bigelow New York make this a great place to spend some time.

Feather pillows make it easy to grab 40-winks before heading out.

A variety of amenities are also available, including the 24-hour Fit Lounge, tennis courts and jogging trails.

Homely touches – including a pet cat and contemporary music in the bars – are also nice flourishes.

Guests with a bit more time can enjoy a luxurious wine-tasting experience with an expansive worldwide selection, available by the glass, thoughtfully chosen through consultations with a cellar master.

The hotel offers an international variety of dining options and settings for travellers of all backgrounds and cultures.

La Riviera, led by executive chef Enyelber Castro, serves New American cuisine with Latin influences available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The hotel seeks to nurture the local Miami culture internally in an effort to bring it in house for a homegrown cultural destination in an urban environment.

More Information

Pullman Miami Hotel is centrally located just minutes from Miami International Airport and various urban epicentres such as the Design District, Wynwood Arts District and South Beach.

Find out more information on the official website.

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