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Have some students who love anything creepy crawly?!  These bug counting clip cards are a fun way to add some insect fun to your math centers while practicing counting from 0-20 and reading ten frames.

Scroll down to grab your free clip cards and then fly over and grab our Bug and Butterfly Pack for even more bug-filled fun!

Getting Ready

To prep the counting clip cards activity, I printed the sheets (below) on cardstock to give them durability.

Tip: If you are using the set in a classroom, make sure to laminate them so they last even longer.

I cut along the lines to separate the cards and grabbed our stash of clothespins from our supplies.

I wanted to make the cards self-checking, so I clipped the correct answers and flipped them face down on the table.

I marked each clipping spot with a small dot so students could easily check their answers later.

Bug Counting Clip Cards

We were ready to start counting!

Since Little Sister (age 4) knows her smaller numbers but is working on the teens, I wanted to start with a quick review to boost her confidence.

She grabbed the top card off the pile, counted the fireflies and clipped the matching number: six.

Perfect!  The first round of counting clip cards was a success.

After we worked on some smaller numbers, it was time to try those tricky teens!

I asked her how many bugs were in the top frame. She was quick to recognize that there were ten bugs.

Starting at ten, Little Sister tapped each bug as she continued counting on: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.

Carefully, she placed the clothespin on the number 17 and then flipped it over to see if it was aligned on the crayon dot on the back.

She was correct!  These counting clip cards were a great way to practice counting some of those tricky teens!

Grab your Download

Ready to bug out over counting?!

Click the blue download button below and then hop over to find even more bug activities kids will love.


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