Here at Bluvana, we have one mission, and one mission only. To protect the world from the hazardous dangers of blue light. In our technologically dependent society, encountering blue light is truly inevitable. Why is blue light harmful? Blue light passes directly through the eye and causes macular degeneration (destroys eye nerve), headaches, painful eyes, watery eyes, weakened eyesight, and disrupts quality of sleep. Knowing this, it is absolutely crucial to have a powerful, high quality blue light blocking pair of Bluvana glasses to protect you and your precious eyes from the terrible long-term effects of blue light. The gift of sight is truly a gift, don’t give that gift the chance to be stripped away! Protect yourself. Today. Lastly, we are SO confident you’ll love our product, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. With Love & Care, Bluvana

[HIGH QUALITY PROTECTION] – With Bluvana, you are getting the highest quality blue light blocking lens, so you can use technology all day and be unharmed.
[STYLISH DESIGN] – With our stylish & aesthetically crafted frame that fits all face shapes, we’re sure you’ll love your look when you’re wearing these glasses.
[BETTER SLEEP] – When using blue light blocking protection 3 hours before bedtime, you dramatically improve the quality of sleep.
[IMPROVED EYESIGHT] – After years of your eyes being bombarded with harmful blue light, when you begin wearing blue light blocking glasses, your eyesight will improve due to the removed strain on your eyes
[30-Day Money Back Guarantee] – Not satisfied? We’ll take care of you, just message your seller within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

Price: $19.99
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