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APR Performance AS-107056 Wing (GTC-500 Corvette/C6 SPEC)

APR Performance AS-107056 Wing (GTC-500 Corvette/C6 SPEC)

Price: $2,129.06
(as of Jan 29,2023 22:45:14 UTC – Details)

When it comes to racing, every second counts. APRPerformance Adjustable Wings can give you that edge to achievefaster lap times. By reducing lift and increasing downforce, youcan gain extra traction during high speed cornering.Although adjustable wings arent specifically a suspensioncomponent, they play a crucial role to the handling characteristicsof a car. By adjusting the angle of attack on an adjustable wing,you can dial in the amount of downforce for better car control.This allows your car to have more or less oversteercharacteristics, giving you additional control to tune the reartraction of your car.APR Performances newest addition to theGTC Series is the GTC-500 Carbon FiberAdjustable Wing. Spanning 70 inches, the GTC-500 isthe largest aftermarket adjustable wing available. With itsoptimized 3D airfoil shape, the GTC-500 is perfect forhigh speed touring applications and supplies an ample amount ofdownforce without causing excess drag.RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONSVehicle TypeSports Car or WidebodyCircuit MethodTop SpeedAverage Track SpeedMore than 120mph (193kph)
70 in length
Carbon Construction
Improve Grip