At least 15 NFL team Twitter accounts and the league’s own official account, @NFL, were the targets of hackers Monday afternoon.

Some of the accounts were simply hacked by removing the profile picture, Twitter header, Twitter name and, in a few cases, the Twitter bio. Others included identical tweets that said the hacking was carried out by a company called OurMine.

For example, here’s what was tweeted from the Packers official account.

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Packers Twitter account

This same message, or something similar, was also tweeted from the official NFL account, the Chiefs and Bears, among others.

In some cases the tweet was deleted immediately, or shortly after. But the tweet from the Packers remained up for quite a while.

NFL Twitter account

The company tagged in the tweets, OurMine, posted constant updates on its Twitter feed about the accounts it was getting into. The company claimed responsbility for taking over social media accounts for the Cowboys, Bills, Texans, Vikings, Chiefs, Packers and Bears.

But when you go to various team accounts on Twitter, it also appears as if the company was able to access a number of other accounts. The Cardinals, Giants, Colts, Eagles, 49ers, Browns, Bucs and Broncos all were without a profile picture Monday afternoon, suggesting their accounts may have also been comprimised.

Teams that appeared to avoid the hacking were the Raiders, Falcons, Jets, Titans, Steelers, Dolphins, Ravens, Seahawks, Rams, Bengals, Vikings, Patriots, Saints, Redskins, Lions, Panthers and Jaguars.

So in total, 15 teams were hacked and 17 weren’t (as far as we can tell).

The message associated with the hack seems to be friendly in nature, as it says, “We are here to show people that everything is hackable. To improve your accounts security contact us.” It’s not clear why they targeted NFL teams, but with the Super Bowl around the corner it makes for good publicity.

Although that message was sent, the hacker group had a bit of fun with some teams. Initially they tweeted from the Bears account that the team was under new ownership before sending a follow-up tweet saying “just kidding.”

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