71 Times People Had Such ‘Genius’ Solutions To Various Problems, They Got Posted On ‘Redneck Engineering’ (New Pics)

Hey, if it works—don’t knock it! I’m personally a huge believer that if something functions well, if it gets the job done, then it’s not stupid no matter how ridiculous the thing might look. Sure, style and form are important to me and you, dear Pandas, but at the end of the day, the results speak for themselves! So, step aside style, we’ve got some weird DIY masterpieces to praise.

Welcome to another feature of ‘Redneck Engineering!’ A Reddit community of over 423k people, r/redneckengineering has been an important part of ‘the front page of the internet’ since being founded in 2013. It’s an online group dedicated exclusively to showing off the most bizarre and hilarious-looking DIY solutions to many of life’s problems.

Got no water service? No problem! As long as you’ve gone some snow and a crawfish pot, you can MacGyver up an impromptu bathtub. You’re about to enter the world of DIY miracles, dear Pandas, so make sure you’ve got your hardhat and your workboots on. Let’s scroll on down!

Mind the gap, upvote the photos that you enjoyed, and read on for what the founder of r/redneckengineering, redditor Flounder19, told Bored Panda in a follow-up interview. Later, if you’re in the mood for some more of the finest chaotic DIY engineering around, check out our earlier article here.

Don’t try this at home. Your safety is paramount! (But if you do… be very, very careful! And upload it to the ‘Redneck Engineering’ subreddit.)

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