6 OZ 200ml ESD Safe Anti Static Square Bottle,One Touch Stainless Steel Liquid Dispenser Pump for Rubbing Alcohol/Nail Polish Makeup Remover Dispenser Blue (1)

Price: $9.90
(as of Apr 10,2021 21:06:17 UTC – Details)


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  • Antistatic ESD Safe, Static Dissipative Solvent Dispensers with Stainless Steel Pump
    Bottle size 6oz/200ML
    Purity Pump will not allow standing fluid to reenter the bottle
    Bottle has an average surface resistivity of 10 raise to power 9 to 10 raise to power 10 ohm per square and will dissipate a static charge of +/- 5000V in less than two seconds
    Used for dispensing acetone, isopropanol alcohol, Oil,and other such solvents