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#53 – How To Structure Your Workout Program For Maximal Results

#53 – How To Structure Your Workout Program For Maximal Results

This episode is sponsored by Red Dot Fitness.

In this episode, I sat down with CeCe English & Jeff Chenault to discuss How To Structure Your Workout Program For Maximal Results. CeCe is the President at Red Dot Fitness & has her Masters in Athletic Training – Jeff is an experienced trainer and one of our go to fitness coaches for results based programming through Red Dot Fitness.

We began this episode by sharing our personal experience with first starting a consistent strength training program. Jeff discussed his introduction into bodybuilding, CeCe shares how she implemented programmed workouts into competing in marathons and I break down when strength training first started for me at the early age of 12 years old.

In this episode we discuss: frequency, exercise selection, movement patterns & effective strategies for getting the most “gains” possible when starting a workout program. You will learn the best strategies our trainers implement for clients training anywhere from 1-7 days per week. Additionally we break down examples of how we program workouts throughout the week and effective mobility and accessory ideas for you to implement on your off-days.

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