32 Funny But Wholesome Stories About New Dads Being In The Delivery Room

The days of proud dads waiting in the corridor next to the delivery room, handing out cigars while their wives go into labor, are long gone. Now, you’ll often find dads in the front lines, next to the loves of their lives as they’re about to bring a miracle into the world. They’ll be holding their partners’ hands, saying words of encouragement, and doing everything they can to make giving birth easier.

However, not all dads have the stomach for it. Watching someone give birth can be intense and can make some of them faint and react very strongly in other ways. There’s no shame in that. However, the moms of Twitter had a blast sharing some of the funniest stories about what happened to their beloved men in the delivery room. And the person who kicked off the viral thread is Twitter user theMidwife, the curator of ‘Your Lady Biz.’

Have a read through some of the most lighthearted and wittiest stories below, upvote the ones that you liked the most, and share your own tales from the delivery room if you’re feeling up to it, dear Pandas.

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