The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates just keep kicking ass—but the news coverage of the primary is dominated by polls and stupid horse-race concerns, and that’s when the primary manages to break through the Trump-storm, which is all too rare. So here’s one of the best things each of these candidates did this week.

Bernie Sanders released a major immigration plan that “pledges to protect millions of families through expanded executive action while pushing for permanent protections, put a moratorium on deportations, break up out-of-control federal immigration agencies, and undo harmful Trump administration policies that have decimated our asylum system, among a list of actions.”

Kamala Harris put out a plan to make the school day match up with the work day, without screwing over teachers or imprisoning children.

Elizabeth Warren got endorsements from Rep. Ayanna Pressley and Black Womxn For.

Joe Biden picked up his ninth endorsement from a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Pete Buttigieg offered perhaps the most comprehensive plan to help people with disabilities.

Cory Booker released a plan for “opportunity and justice for every community.”

Amy Klobuchar continued campaigning for downballot Democrats in the days leading up to Tuesday’s elections.

Julián Castro explained his position on decriminalizing illegal border crossings.

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