18 Cute Animals That Are Not Harmless at All

Animals touch us all. We feel pure admiration when watching them, and no one can stay indifferent. However, we could never have imagined that some of the nicest ones might actually harm us. For example, we all adore pandas. They look so innocent and helpless that they became a symbol of peace and kindness. However, you’d better not mess with a panda. The same applies to dolphins. They definitely have a high intellect, which, unfortunately, sometimes seems to be not so harmless.

Can you imagine anything cuter than slow loris? It might look cuddly, but if it perceives you as a threat, it’ll start snuggling into one of its elbow pits — and that’s a cue for you to get away, fast. We also see elephants as kind and naive creatures. But elephants are easily made nervous, and contrary to the popular myth that they see humans as “cute,” like we do puppies, they actually don’t: for them, we’re mostly a threat. So here’s a list of the cutest yet dangerous animals.


Slow loris 0:01
Platypus 0:41
Dolphins 1:01
Elephants 1:38
Anteaters 2:06
Leopard seals 2:28
Pitohui 2:56
Dart frogs 3:31
Raccoons 4:00
Chimpanzee 4:19
Cassowaries 4:42
Mute swans 5:13
Beavers 5:42
Panda 6:01
Kangaroo 6:29
Moose 6:59
Pufferfish 7:25
Climbing perch 8:02

Music by Epidemic Sound

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