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Pro-Russian separatists use banned antipersonnel landmines in eastern Ukraine

Russian-backed separatists mined the residential sector at the village Zaitsevo with internationally banned antipersonnel landmines, according to TV channel “Ukraine” reporter Oleksandr Makhov.The reporter shared footage that showing Russian-made POM-2 antipersonnel mines equipped with fuzes capable of being activated by the unintentional act of a person.“POM-2 mines were dropped from

Why Are Police Using a World War I–Era Chemical Weapon on Civilians?

The pattern is depressingly familiar by now: a Black man dies at the hands of police; the entire nation bears witness through social media; protests sweep the nation crying out at this injustice and the systemic issues that guarantee similar deaths to come—and demonstrators are met with tear gas in

Will Quantum Computing Ever Live Up to Its Hype?

Quantum computers have been on my mind a lot lately. A friend who likes investing in tech, and who knows about my attempt to learn quantum mechanics, has been sending me articles on how quantum computers might help solve “some of the biggest and most complex challenges we face as

Kamala Harris Lays Out Economic Priorities, Skips Climate Change

In her first major economic address, Vice President Kamala Harris yesterday outlined what the White House billed as a “vision of the future.” Conspicuously absent: talk of climate change, which scientists and economists say will define the 21st century. Harris’ speech fits a pattern of the Biden administration keeping climate

What’s Causing Michigan’s COVID Surge, and Who’s Getting Sick?

Despite the impressive progress in COVID vaccinations across the country, cases and hospitalization rates are stubbornly rising again in many states. But one state in particular has been leading the new surge: Michigan. The Great Lakes state has been reporting thousands of new infections per day, and hospitals are nearing

Beehives Are Held Together by Their Mutual Gut Microbes

This is Scientific American’s 60-Second Science. I’m Shahla Farzan. Every honeybee colony has its own unique scent like a fingerprint. And bees use that scent to recognize their nest mates—basically saying, “You smell like me, so I’m going to let you into the colony.” But here’s the mystery: If you transfer

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