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Mapping internet shutdowns around the world | Infographic News

Over the past year, billions of people all over the world have relied heavily on internet connectivity to keep in touch with family and friends, learn online, work from home and get vital information about the coronavirus pandemic. Yet over the course of 2020, 29 countries intentionally shut down or

The hidden rules that determine which friendships matter to us

Evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar has found that our friendships are governed by secret rules, based on everything from your sex to your sleep schedule. Our unique social fingerprints help determine who we are drawn to, which friendships last and why some friends are ultimately replaceable Humans 3 March 2021 By

A warp drive that doesn’t break the laws of physics is possible

By Leah Crane A pancake-shaped ship would make an ideal warp driveKorolkoff/Getty ImagesWarp drives may be on the road to reality. Previous ideas about how to make these hypothetical devices have required exotic forms of matter and energy that may not exist, but a new idea for a warp drive

Strange Earthquakes in Utah Reveal Volcanic Activity Hidden Below The Desert

Sleeping with one eye open.Source link

Awkwardly, Research Shows 98% of Conversations Don’t End When We Want Them To

Everyone's familiar with the sensation of being trapped in a conversation for too long – be that over the garden fence or by the office water cooler. On the other end of the spectrum, we've also experienced conversations that seem to end prematurely, leaving us dissatisfied and maybe even a

Renaissance-Era Letter Sealed For Centuries Just Virtually Unfolded And Read For The First Time

More than 600 years ago, someone intricately folded, sealed and posted a letter that was never delivered. Now, scientists have digitally "unfolded" this and other similarly locked letters found in a 17th-century trunk in The Hague, using X-rays.   For centuries prior to the invention of sealed envelopes, sensitive correspondence was protected

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