Weyland Tarot TL120H1 FPV Racing Drone Mini Quadcopter Carbon Fiber PNF Set 120mm



Product description:The level of flight control: Standard TL300D
Brushless motor: Standard MT1104/TL150M1
The upgraded version required MT1106 (TL150M2/TL150M3)
ESC: Standard 6A ESC/TL300G
Specifications: standard 3 inch propeller rotor TL150S1 (8PCS)
Upgrade is required TL150S2
Camera: Standard NTSC standard TL300MN2/PAL standard TL300M1 (1PCS)
Figure 5.8G300MW wireless transmitter: Standard TL300N2
Figure 5.8G: Standard TL300K4 transmission antenna
Lithium polymer battery: buy (35C 450MAH 11.1V TL150A2 lithium polymer battery)
SBUS or PPM receiver: buy TL150F1

Product parameters:
Wheelbase: 120MM
Empty frame height / height: 45MM 23MM/
Frame length / total length: 109MM/185MM
Rack width / assembly width: 111MM/187MM
Empty machine / machine / takeoff weight: 29G/87G/132G

Product specifications:
120 FPV racing drone/ Kit * 1
Battery magic stick * 1
Battery bar band x 1
Manual * 1Short and Pithy Tarot 120 FPV:It is a racing drone to a visual novel extremely delicate feeling, bring be not of the common sort through experience. Contains battery machine takeoff weight weighs 132 g, inherited the Tarot usual overall design standard. So many wonderful ingenuity to can be in the cross machine found success
Standard 6A ESC/TL300G:It is an entry – level trailer that leads the industry standard, and you can enjoy heart – to – speed indoor trains by simply connecting to SBUS or PPM receivers.
Basic Parameter: The Level of Flight Control: Standard TL300D ;Brushless Motor: Standard MT1104/TL150M1; ESC: Standard 6A ESC/TL300G; Wheelbase: 120MM No Remote Controller and Battery
Ultimate Compact Integral:Design of micro camera free adjustable angle; Strong brushless power ;Ultra small ESC 6A 300MW Mini Map; Design of all carbon fiber frame; Custom suspension tripod; Reliable power supply connection ;Super light six angle aluminum column; Miniature image transmitting antenna ;Metal CNC drawing shell heat sink; Anti slip design
Flight Mode Free Switching: The flight control firmware default channel ;CH5 control frame stability / manual mode ;Self stabilization mode: flight control LED red light, buzzer sound Manual mode: flight control LED red light, buzzer sound

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