Knock Knock High Five Sticky Note Pad



Make your wit stick with our collection of sticky notes. Delivering efficient functionality with personality to spare, each sheet is a virtual powerhouse of communication potential. Buy them. Use them. Marvel at them. Just don’t lick them. No matter your notation needs, ensure that even the smallest stuff gets noticed with Keep It Simple Stickies – just as colorful and witty as all your brilliant (or mundane) thoughts. Knock Knock was founded in 2002 by Jen Bilik with the mission of creating witty, design-driven gift products and books, along with anything else that might strike the Knock Knock fancy. Our products aspire to bring humor, function, organization, and aesthetics to everyday life. We believe that people are intelligent enough to appreciate wit, wordplay, and conceptual thought. Whether we re producing sticky notes or a volume of thoroughly researched nonfiction, we strive not to dumb down as we create. Our sensibility remains proudly distinct.Ensure that even the smallest stuff gets noticed with colorful and witty sticky notes
Express yourself and then make it stick
3 x 3 inches, 100 sheets
Ensure your smallest stuff gets noticed with the Keep It Simple Stickies
Because everything that actually matters can fit onto a sticky note

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